Terms and Conditions of Booking

Booking Responsibility : Responsibility for the details of bookings and for payments lies with the person making the initial booking.

Confirmation and Payment of Deposit : When we receive your booking and appropriate deposit payment we will send you a letter or email confirming your child’s place with a statement showing details of your child’s course, plus your insurance certificate.

Payment of the Balance : The balance must be paid by debit/credit card only, by 1 May 2017.  The amount is non-refundable and is your acceptance of the booking conditions.  If payment is not received before the start date, we may refuse entry to the course and may also withhold a cancellation fee (see below).  If you book less than 10 weeks before the camp starts you must pay the full amount before your booking will be accepted.

Administration Charge : If you change your booking, after the initial confirmation, we may charge a £25 fee.

Cancellation : If you cancel your booking for any reason, all or part of your payment will be forfeited to cover our costs:

  • Over 44 days before : loss of deposit of £150 per week
  • 30-44 days before : loss of 50% of full course fee
  • Less than 30 days before (or once course has started) : loss of 100% of full course fee

We pay no compensation or refunds if we cancel or change a course because of low uptake, war, strikes, technical problems with transportation, weather or any other event outside the control of the company – we do not offer refunds for home sickness.

Negligence : We accept responsibility for those course elements under our direct control, if caused by proven negligence of Exsportise or its employees.  We cannot accept responsibility for loss of enjoyment due to travel, strikes, weather, loss or damage to luggage or personal property, personal injury or illness while on the course, including use of sub-contractors such as transport companies.

Medical : We accepts students on the assumption that they are in good health.

Programme changes: We always try to fulfil the requirements given on your booking form, but we reserve the right to alter or cancel any courses, accommodation and other arrangements that are in our control. We reserve the right to cancel a course in case of insufficient numbers. Students may be taken off-site during the course of their coaching or teaching programme (e.g. visits to local museums, matches against local sports teams etc).

Incompatibility: We reserve the right to exclude or refuse any person at any time prior to or during the activity or course if, in our opinion, that person is not compatible with the general enjoyment and well being of other students or the satisfactory administration of the activity or course. If so, we will not refund the cost of the course. All students are subject to the course rules laid out in the final Information Pack.  Any breach of rules may result in students being sent home at their own expense.

Photography: Photographs of students may be taken and used in Exsportise marketing material, including on social media sites. Written objections will be respected.

Compensation: In the unlikely event that a student experiences a problem or difficulty while at camp, the matter should be reported immediately to the Centre Manager who has the authority and direct knowledge to deal with most queries. If he or she fails to solve the problem to your satisfaction, then write to us at our Head Office within 10 days of your child leaving camp. We will only consider compensating a complaint if both these conditions are met.

Disclaimer: The charge per week is inclusive of  VAT (20% at the time of going to print). We guarantee not to increase our course charges unless there is an increase in VAT, in which case the increase shall only cover this additional tax.  The details herein are published in good faith as at October 2015. This website is the responsibility of the company. It is not issued on behalf of any other centres used by the company (Exsportise Ltd).